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hey folks,
got a new 125w Phenomx4 965, and ive got a ocz vanquisher cpu cooler from the cpu ive replaced. is this good enough to cool the x4 when i start overclocking, or am i gonna need some thing better?
If its not good enough, what would you recommend, taking in to account, it Christmas soon and pressies have to be bought for daughter and girlfriend, so moneys tight!
Cheers folks
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    It's a pretty good cpu cooler, don't know how well it works on an AMD. I had one back in the day on my 775.

    I actually just finished building a gaming rig for my Nephew and used the 965@125w. And I have to say that is an awesome CPU! It does run rather warm though. Was able to get stable 4 ghz and NB of 2600 on it with a little tweaking. I used a Zalman as the CPU cooler.
  2. @logitic, thanks for the info, and sorry its taken so long to reply. been running around like a blue arsed fly these past couple of days. managed to get my ocz on properly, and im just under 3.9, though theres still along way to go before i think ill be happy, (isnt there always), and theres little or no differance in the noise or the temp coming from the cooler.

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