Major HDD/SSD motherboard issues!

Hi everyone.

I'm having major problems! :(

I've just bought myself the OCZ Agility 3 60GB which is great (It's very very fast).
I unplugged all my other hard drives as my motherboard or windows setup couldn't detect the new SSD and installed windows 7 64bit, The installation went fine, I have installed all the drivers and software I need, everything is running perfect (almost).

I have a 1.5TB WD drive which I use for storage, I plugged it in via the SATA cables and switched on the computer, when I did this it took ages to get past POST then once it had got past there a black screen appeared and it says something like "please boot to a bootable device or insert bootable media."

I restarted again, hit delete to get to the bios options, bios is detecting both drives, the OCZ SSD on SATA i and the 1.5TB SSD on SATA2 but when i go to the Boot options section only the 1.5TB HDD is available. I hit restart again and the same keeps happening, it hangs on POST for a long time then says: "please boot to a bootable device or insert bootable media." or whatever :(

The motherboard is ASUS M4A78 Pro, the latest bios update is installed.

Please help!!
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  1. After messing about for a bit, constantly restarting, I finally managed to get it to work, then after being on the computer for 15 minutes the computer locked up so I restarted.

    When I restarted the same thing kept on happening, it would hang on post for about 5 minutes then I'd get the same error I had before, it's as though the motherboard sometimes can't see the SSD when the HDD is plugged in.

    When the HDD isn't plugged in the computer loads fine every single time.
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