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I have set up and used many 2 display monitors... but now I have a problem. I need to build a computer, with 6 separate monitors... 1 main monitor, 4 other monitors and 1 projection monitor. The main monitor will be used to control the other 5 monitors. :o Does anyone have any suggestions on what the best hardware and software setup that I can use to accomplish this?? Basically what I will be doing is having 1 display for a speaker to view, 2 displays for 3 separate panels of people, and 1 projector for the audience. These displays will be controlled from the booth on the main comp display. I have been researching this but realy haven't found any good options for it! Does anyone have any input??
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  1. From what I can understand from your post is that all of the monitors will project the same image? If so then it’s just like having 2 monitors only now you have 6.
    There are a few ways to obtain your objective:
    Buy the new ATI HD 5870 Eyefinity which will be an expensive (~$600?) card which has 6 outputs. Should be released next month.
    Get 2 ATI HD 5850s (~$200? ea) with 3 ports per card. Released in a few weeks I think.
    And the last option is get 3 HD 46XX (or other low priced cards) each card with 2 outputs.
    The 3 low priced cards have the cost advantage but will require a motherboard with 3 pcie slots.
    Hope this helps :)
  2. There is a easier solution then that , buy a KVM switch. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817107413
    here is a 8 port switch for you from a good company at that.
  3. No they do not display the same image.... that is the whole problem of the situation.... I need different information or "windows" to be on each separate screen. :(
  4. Also the monitors are going to be 22 - 24" widescreens that have to have good resolution output. LOL this is a project and a half!!! :sol:
  5. bump.... anyone??
  6. get 2 4850x2 cards
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