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I am in the final stage of my HTPC build and was seeking advice for my SSD.

This SSD will only be used for the operating system & main programs
I also have 4tb of storage for tv recordings.

This system will only be used for watching / recording live tv, streaming to another tv via Ceton tuner, and watching Hulu & Netflix. I am planning on cutting the commercials out of the recorded programs if that counts as "video editing" but no gaming or photo editing / design.

I am looking to spend under $150 and see a lot of options from Crucial and OCZ for a Sata 3 60gb.

Any recommendations? Thanks!!
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  1. With a budget of $150.00 I'd recommend the Crucial M4 SATA 6Gb/s 64GB SSD at for $119.99 with free shipping: [...] 6820148441

    It is a new and improved version of the Crucial 300 which is a popular model. You could definitely fit Windows 7 and a few software programs on the ssd.

    Here's a link to a ssd database that includes the Crucial M4 and links to 9 technical reviews of the M4 series which you can read: [...] abase.html
  2. ^The Crucial is a good choice.

    For what it's worth, I run SSD's in both my HTPCs. One is the Crucial M4 and one is an el cheapo Kinston SSDNow. Both perform very well and are lightyears better than a platter drive, even the cheap Toshiba controller SSDNow that everybody hates.
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