How good is 4770 to run all games in 1920*1080 60hz

amd pII x4 810
msi 790gx motherboard
2gb kingston ddr3
msi 4770 video card
aoc f22 monitor
windows 7

most games run perfectly in full hd, then ofcourse there are annoying monsters like crysis. but besides crysis and farcry, if my performance criteria was 1920*1080 and say 45hz, would a 4770 crossfire be enough to run games for another two years in full hd. cuz anything over that would be overkill since not going to go above that resolution.

cuz when ever i see the task manager it shows around 500mb free.
and if it is any links explaining why does it show ram free and how to figure out how much ram you would actually need..
plz help....
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  1. sorry this thread was ment for the graphic card secrion..
  2. That's okay! The 4770 was designed as an energy efficient, mid-level, general purpose card. Two 4770's in Crossfire mode did fairly well during gaming. However, do not expect it perform like a high end card.
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  4. the 4770 is ok, it should run quite a few games at that res (though lower the settings a tad)

    also, if the performance isnt that good, you can always drop to 1280x720 (same aspect ration) to improve performance

    as for the ram, probably not a bad idea to add 4GB, yeah 6GB is overkill, though i don't see the point in buying 2x1GB sticks, though it would allow you to turn the pagefile off (just make sure you have no programs that have to have it)
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