Monitor goes to sleep mode instantly

reset video card to factory setting, reboot if it still goes to sleep,remove added on video card hook monitore up to onboard vid card
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  1. Hi

    I had two like that with - Viewsonic both times and I found that capacitors died. It posted through BIOS and it turned to sleep. If the power button was pressed on /off it did go on for few seconds and back to sleep.

    Does it sound like your issue?
  2. I had that problem, also with Viewsonic. I'm looking fora repair at the moment so I hope it's justa few capacitors as it's one of a matched pair.
  3. You sure you are not seeing too high a refresh rate?

    You've re-seated cables ?

    You've tried monitor with some other device (laptop, other pc, etc.) ?

    You've booted in safe mode (swaps video driver for something whimpy) ?
  4. I run it without turning it off 24/7.

    But I was suprissed about Viewsonic trouble rate.

    Now I am looking for 27 or 30 incher 2x so I don't hav to have 3 monitors
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