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I'm not sure if any consumer had a problem but i'm sure to be the first for this video card. I was running Aion when suddenly it crashed. At first i'm thinking its either the server but i was wrong. it just kept crashing sooner than often and then finally it doesn't even run windows Vista 64-bit.

I narrowed it down to the video card. The HDMI cable is working fine as i try connecting it to my PS3 and the Onboard video is working w/o fault. I switched in BIOS to run on-board (working ok again) and then PCI (not 16x).

When it installed the drivers on the PCI slotted HD4770 and I restarted the PC I got the same problem.

I'm not sure if anyone has a solution but I just wanted to put it out ther if anyone has come across a similar scenario. Oh and just some FYI the Visiontek HD4770 is currently not sold in Newegg anymore. Sounds kind of fishy huh? Even when I e-mailed Visiontek support they didn't have the HD4770 model as a selection in the form.

Thanks for anyone who posts!
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  1. Might not be the card, could be the PSU dying and it just can't that card any more.
  2. jyjjy said:
    Might not be the card, could be the PSU dying and it just can't that card any more.

    but this is new PSU its a 600w. Actually everything in this pc is only a few months old here are the specs:

    AMD Phenom X2 940
    Corsair 4GB DDR2 1033mhz
    PSU 600w
    Visiontek Radeon HD4770 512MB

    Is it a possibility of a defected power supply?
  3. Quite possible, but it could still be the card. What brand is the PSU?
    You may want to use rivatuner and check if the card is overheating. If so then you know it's the card.
    Also does the screen just go black and the system shuts down? Does it freeze and you have to manually restart? Any graphic corruption before or when it happens?
  4. I'm using this PSU called StarPower. Funny story is this is a computer show build PC and I looked into everything of course the powersupply. another funny thing is the PSU has a label stating "For Pentium IV". Did they just give me a hand me down PSU? lol. The screen freezes goes black and flashes the screen back to a display and does the same thing over and over again.
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