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I have a core to quad q6400 and p5g41-m le motherboard. My cpu is still at its stock 2.13 Ghz, i want to overclock it to atleast 3.1 Ghz. I have never overclocked in my life before and i need some help to overlock. BTW my cpu fan is a coolermaster hyper 212 plus.
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    the trick with overclocking is not to pick a number and expect to try OC to that number. you start by first gradually increasing the FSB and seeing how far you can get without increasing VCORE voltage, and keeping your ram at or below its rated speed, making sure your temps are cool enough. you can then gradually increase VCORE to get it stable. Before you do this read lots of articles about overclocking. Also read some info about your motherboard, the g41 ghipset is not particularly good for overclocking. Even with a gread board and cooler, getting a 1ghz overclock on a core 2 quad CPU is difficult.
  2. there is no FSB option or VCORE voltage option in my mobo, i increased the bus speed to 333 from 266 (anything above was unstable) and there was an overclocking profile option and i set that to 20% and now it is 2.67Ghz. Also there was something called an NB voltage, do you know what that is?
  3. the bus speed is FSB (Front siude bus). If there is no VCORE (cpu core voltage) adjustment then your limited strait away. NB (north bridge) voltage only needs adjusting when you get beyond your motherboards FSB capabilities, which I doubt you are at yet, you normally start to see that at 350mhz fsb or higher. You really need to increase the Vcore/cpu core voltage to go further. If you can't do that, then 2.67 is all your gonna get out of it.
  4. Q6400 is an oem part. I do not think it was ever released for retail sale. So it is probably in an oem board. Except for limited "overclock profiles", I think you are out of luck.
  5. it was worth a shot, i tried all possible solutions.
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