4890 CF vs HD5870?

I currently have an HD4890. In my region (China) it would cost the same to pick up another HD4890 and a crossfire motherboard (X48) for slightly cheaper than a HD5870. Which would perform better?

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  1. hi, i know the chinese market and if i were u id sell the 4890 for 1000 yuan and buy an 5850, ur electricity bills will come down :D though 2 4890 may very well be faster than the 5870, but when drivers and dx11 hit the shelfs, the game changes. Overall u wont spending a lot of money on electricity bills and u can play dx11 games.
  2. can you really sell a used 4890 for 146.37 out there, i would just wait for new nvidia cards my brother got the 5870 it is faster then the 4890 but the gtx 295 is still much faster then the 5870, just waite and see what nvidia has to offer all these people going out and spending 400 on the 5870 and for what 2 or 3 months down the line there will be a new version of it out.
  3. "--gtx 295 is still much faster then the 5870--"

    RUBISH, MATE!! It is true that GTX 295 is faster in many areas but NOT much faster.

    Also consider that GTX295 has 2 cores which equals to 2x5870. And 2x5870 wipes the floor with GTX295.

    Besides its lack of full 1gb memory per core makes it totally unusable when combined with high resolution and AA. Not a good thing for product costing $500.

    When considered the energy consumption, performance, DX11, dual card solutions and especially price-performance-ratio 5870 is an excellent buy.

    Besides I wouldn't be very optimistic with nVidias second generation. If it is going to be the same like the 2xx-generation what'll expect to see is again maybe slightly (5-20% (60fps->72fps max))faster card with mindblowing pricetag and lousy drivers.
  4. Hmm, still considering. The power issue is one that is interesting. I have been looking at the 5850 but, with no concrete benchmarks I am not sure. I wish there was a solid comparison between the 4890 CF and a HD5870. So for around 2900RMB I could get a X48 mobo and HD4890, a HD5879 costs 3100RMB and a X48 and HD5850 costs 3600RMB which could later be converted to HD5850CF.... Argh, so many options.
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    If I were you, I'd buy a 5870 and sell your 4890 to help pay for it. Crossfire isn't worth it if you need to buy a new motherboard. Most benchmarks I've seen show the 5870 beating the 4870X2 by a good margin. So, it should be similar performance and probably beat 4890 crossfire in most things. Plus, it'll use much less power and be DX11 capable.
  6. wait for the pricedrop and get 5870, dx 11 may bring performance up a lot
  7. Ehsan w said:
    wait for the pricedrop and get 5870, dx 11 may bring performance up a lot

    11 supports multi threading I believe...
  8. Bought an XFX 5870 and sold my HD4890 to a mate for 100US. So I managed to shave some of the cost off. Thanks for all your input guys!
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