Motherboard support specifications

how can I realize the support specifications of a cpu ?
what's the codes which are written as the the support specifications eg.graphic card ,cpu and e.t.c
can you explain an example for a gigabyte motherboar? how can I realize its support specifications from its name? thaks alottttttt.
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  1. Are you familiar with chipsets (X58, P55, H55, H57, P45, P43, etc.)? Usually, you can see those in the name of the motherboard. For example, with Gigabyte, you have a motherboard named "GA-P55-UD6". Based on this name, you can clearly see "P55" there. A quick search will tell you that this motherboard is compatible with LGA1156 or Core i5 or Core i7-8xx processors. Another one would be from ASUS: "P6TX58 SO". It's a little more cryptic, but you can make out X58 once you figure out that P6T is ASUS's way of telling you it's a LGA1366 motherboard. A quick search will tell you that this motherboard is compatible with i7-9xx and the upcoming i9 processors.

    As for the graphics cards and other stuff, if you are buying new current-generation components, they are most likely compatible with your motherboard. Just make sure that your Power Supply Unit or PSU (which is also standard along current-gen technology) can handle everything.
  2. Then,how can I understand about the VGA that an special motherboard can support? I mean that how can I know it from its model name?
    Totally how can I know these information ?Can U introduce me a web site? thank alot. ;)
  3. OK. If your motherboard has PCI-e slots, and your VGA card is PCI-e, then they are compatible. That's all there is to it.
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