How well does Intel SRT (smart response technology) works for you

I am thinking about getting SSD, however I can't afford a 200 dollar SSD.
I have the ASUS P8Z68 V-Pro motherboard and I am wondering if the SRT with Intel 311 will bring me the similar result as buy a SSD for boot drive.

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    From technical reviews and articles I read, it does not appear that using an Intell 311 as a cache for a hard drive disk will result in the same performance as a large capacity ssd as a primary drive. Here are links to the reviews:
  2. Cosair force series 3 120gb sata 3 ssd, twice the price of the momentus xt which isnt a bad buy either but im considering the cosair ssd over the momentus.
    Cosiar force +- $310
  3. What is ur take on the momentus xt @Johnny
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