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Upgrading my rig

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November 28, 2009 3:23:26 PM

I'm thinking of upgrading my rig to a 1366 platform. It will be used mainly for web developing, video encoding, surfing the net.

Now I know that the I7 920 is the best bang for your buck processor available today but I heard intel will release the 930 on Q1 2010. The question is should I wait for the 930 to release? Rumors say it will be clocked at 2.88 and will be priced similar or close to the 920.

Second question is the motherboard. which of these are better;

MSI X58 Pro-E

EVGA 141-BL-E757-TR

I'm inclined in choosing the pro-e for its price but reviews say the IOH temps are high. Not a good indication since where I live ambient temps can reach upto 32C+ in summer.

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November 29, 2009 2:25:45 AM

Need some advice please.
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November 29, 2009 10:48:45 AM

i wouldnt touch any MSI product even if you paid me - not worth it

id go for something ASUS or Gigabyte
November 29, 2009 11:09:50 AM

Out of the two boards i would go for the EVGA msi isnt bad but evga is better personally i would go for gigabyte or an asus mobo
November 29, 2009 11:59:05 AM

I have no idea which board is better. They are probably similar performers. MSI has OC genie for easy OCing and EVGA looks pretty and is suppose to be an excellent brand.

About the 1366 platform.
Due to the Hyper Threading the 900 series has it seriously out performs any other platform except the LGA1156's 800 series in video encoding.
(Video Encoding Graph of CPU Performance)
It also has the potential for future expansion to the first few 6 core chips while the LGA1156 platform is probably dead or nearly so.
If you plan on OCing at all I think you might as well get the 920 as it will probably OC to the same level as the 930 or nearly so.

That being said:
The 930 may prove to be some kind of unexpected monster OCer that has an unlocked multiplier or something, or like a x4 turbo boost...but probably not.
Considering they look to be at the same price point you might as well get the 920.
If video encoding is only a hobby and the ABSOLUTE BEST performance is not necessary you may want to consider the i5 750 which is on the LGA 1156.
The i5 750 runs about 80 bucks cheaper and for almost all applications it runs equal, and sometimes better, than the 920.
You also save on RAM since you only need to fill 2 channels rather than 3 channels.
Check out this link for i5 and i7 performance graph
Of course like I said before the LGA1156 is supposedly a dead line so there won't be any upgrades possible.

That's all I got

OK so it seems the actual URL's are too long to be inserted into the link. Here they are in plain text.

i5 vs i7 review: www.hard ware
Video Encoding page: www.hard ware

2nd edit:
Apparently Tom doesn't like Hard ware canucks because they erase it from the hyper link.
I put spaces inbetween the words but it should all be one word.
November 29, 2009 1:10:48 PM

Ok guys sorry for the late reply and thanks for all the input.

@gebbz: Thanks for all the charts, been really helpful.
I chose the 1366 platform against the 1156 because the difference between them is only $100 (CPU/MOBO/RAM). I also multitask quite heavily, running photoshop, visual studio, video encoding (I'm still a bit green on this subject) while surfing the net or scanning for viruses. I think the additional 2GB of ram can ease the workload a bit so the reason I chose 1366. Nevertheless, thanks for your input.

Can you tell me why you don't recommend MSI?

I think I'll buy the 920 like gebbz suggested. The only problem now is the mainboard. Asrock isn't available here in the philippines. Only MSI, EVGA and ASUS. I see some Gigabyte boards but they are too expensive.
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November 29, 2009 1:25:40 PM

actually msi aint too bad

asus also works well