Asus P6T won't post- no beeps either

I'm trying to build a system based off a P6T motherboard from Asus, using an Core i7 920, 12GB of Corsair XMS3 Triple-channel RAM (2 kits of CMX6XGX3M3A1333C9)and an XFX nVidia GT240 video card. I've assembled the concoction(including the 8pin EATX CPU connector) and the system will not power on- I get all fans and the LAN activity light, but there are no post beeps (even without RAM) and no video (tried another PCI Express video card I know works). I've tried 1 stick of RAM, 2 sticks, still no noises other than the fans (2 case fans, video card fan, CPU fan, PS fan) and the lights for power and reset on the MB (as well as fan LEDs and front panel LEDs). Has anyone run into anything similar? I can't find any reason that I should have NO reaction other than power LEDs...

Any insights would be appreciated.
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  1. Case speaker connected to the speaker pins on the board? Power supply brand and specs? Tested outside of the case (bare post)?
  2. Tested outside the case today (was on vacation out of town), and when I connected the Ultra LSP 750W power supply, I tried to fire it up with just the CPU and GPU connected. With no memory loaded, the board POSTed the 'no memory loaded' beeps. With memory loaded, CPU and GPU connected, I got nothing at all. So, I tried removing the video card with a known good card. Still no noise and no POST. Then I removed the GPU alltogether, and STILL got no POST beeps. At that point, I should have gotten the 'No Video' beep code. So, I took the GPU (an XFX GeForce GT240) and installed that on my old Asus A85NX, and it worked there- that bare board booted and I was able to get into its BIOS. I have to think at this point that the P6T has a chipset issue.
  3. Some BIOS don't automatically detect video card, you may have to set the default display to read from PCI-E instead of on-board chipset.
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