Do I need a SLI bridge or is a crossfire ok?

Before i try it out and fry something..I have 2xGTS250 i want to run in SLI.My MOBO didnt come with a bridge of any kind but my mate has given me a Crossfire bridge to try.
Will it work or do I need a SLI bridge? many thanks.
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  1. I think they are different sizes, if so it won't work. your mobo should have come with one, what board is it?
  2. My mobo is a Gigabyte EX58-UD3R, my 2 cards are identical Gigabyte GTS250.
    thanks for the quick reply.

    I just tried enabling SLI through my Nvidia control panel (without a bridge) because it was the recommended option but then all I got was a black screen and my other monitor was "out of range" i've deleted and reloaded my drivers which fixed that.
  3. The website does not show an Sli bridge as part of the accessories but they are normally sold with the board, odd. I would have a moan at gigabyte, you never know they might send you one, although sourcing one via ebay might be quicker.
  4. the bridges are different, look at the connectors on the cards,
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