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Hi, I am having an issue with trying to set this up, I have installed windows on my OCZ Agility 3 with just the SSD connected, and I had my HDD removed from power and SATA, So now I have my SSD running windows but I have no clue how to get my SSD to just be a boot device and have everything else be on my HDD.

EDIT: I have been using my HDD for boot up and as well as storage with just one partition, I am just adding that in if that changes anything. I have about 250gb of stuff on my HDD as well.
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  1. What size is your SSD?? If it is the 120 gig, Then just re-install all your Most used programs to the SSD. You can always direct the programs to install on the HDD (At least most of them) by changing the default install directory to the HDD.

    You also failed to identify if the size of your HDD and if it was partitioned int a C & D drive. Note: Your SSD is now the "C" drive and your Hard drive letters have been shifted.

    (A) If the HDD was Partitioned and You put all Of your files in/on a seperate directory the process is much simplified: Once you have the SSD setup and all of your data is on the 2nd partition of the HDD (quessing "E" drive). You can simply reformat your old "C" drive.

    (B) If your HDD was not partitioned - Then you must do one of two procedures:
    (1) back up all your data/files to an external BU drive (DVDs will be time consumming).
    (2) Shrink your "C" drive (Google "Using Windows 7 shrink") and create a "New partition". Then transfer all of your data/files to this directory and follow method (A).
  2. I'm using a 60gb SSD, a 1TB HDD and it was just a C drive
  3. I'd try method B2.
    Do not attach SSD yet.
    See if you can use windows 7 disk management to shrink your 1 TB "C drive" down to a reasonable size and then intilize and format the remainder of the drive as "D". Move all of your data/files to the new "D" drive.

    If windows 7 does not allow you to shrink volume to a reasonable level it is probably do to hibernation.sys file. To delete this file you need to turn hibernation off and reboot.

    Some links:

    Once you have your 1 TB drive sorted out, DISCONNECT it and connect your SSD (Bios should be in AHCI mode. Install windows 7. once windows 7 is up and running. You can reconnect your HDD. NOTE, you will be able to daul boot to the SSD or the old HDD by pressing a "Key" that will bring up a boot menu. On my gigabyte board it is F12, On my Asrock MB I think it's F11 - You do NOT need to change boot order in bios.

    If all is good, then start re-installing your programs to New C drive. Only most often used programs, lesser programs redirect to Your 1 TB HDD ( probably E drive, depending on the drive letter for your DVD drive, I normally shift the DVD drive letter to a couple of letters past all HDDs.

    Hope this helps.
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