Ati price cuts, where to go now?

With the new release of the 5800 series cards, I'm in a bit of a pickle about about where to go with my next upgrade. MY current card is now starting to show its age, while still managing 45 fps average on farcry 2 with high settings and decent enough resolutions, it does lag fairly often in graphic intensive parts. (its a 3850)

Now I cant figure out-

Nvidias gtx 275/radeons 4890 can be had for 135-150 sterling. Now I know these cards perform very still in the latest games, but with the 5850 being £210, is it worth the stretch?. I just seem to decide whats right to do.

I've tried to look for review but non of them are accurate enough.

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  1. The 5850 is a great card, and supposedly can be overclocked to same speesd as the 5870.
    If you can, go for the 5870, if not, the 50. Either of those cards can be crossfired later to max out any game for the next year or so. Not to mention DX11.
  2. Yeah, I'm afraid you'll probably have to wait until the real reviews come up to know for sure (next week, perhaps?). But even then, in terms of price vs performace, last gens cards may still edge out the 5850 (but maybe not, we'll see). An important note however, especially since you keep you cards for a couple years, is the new tech in the 5850. While we certainly can't predict the real world effects of DX11/etc., it does appear they may actually be implemented fairly quickly this time around, so paying a little extra for the new tech is reasonable. But we really need to wait for the real benchmarks to see if it is good enough now to at least partially justify the cost. Initial benchmarks look good, but as they are neither official nor complete, they must be taken with a grain of salt.
  3. Thanks for reply, Yeah I would be a lot better future proofed. I think il wait a couple of months then and go for the 5850. as currently I just cant afford to extend to £300 price range. But In the future I can always chuck in the 5870 thanks to crossfire. I cant wait to see what DX11 looks like either when the next gen of games that support it come out.
    Any way Il leave it a couple of months to see if the prices changes for Christmas, and weather they have or haven't il be on novatech ordering the 5850.
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