What Is The Best 750W Or More PSU?

I have been looking into the Corsair HX850W, but after looking into its review on hardware canucks, I am feeling a little disappointed. Apparently, the PCI-E cables aren't sleeved, making for a bit of a messy appearance. http://www.*****/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/21613-corsair-professional-hx850-850w-power-supply-review.html
I need something that is black, but if it has some detail in another colour that is fine. Just no silver metal, cause the interior of my case is black as well.
It also needs to be a modular PSU. Long cables are very important, as is silence, but that seems to be pretty standard nowadays.
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  1. The Seasonic X-750 is a brand new Gold certified, 100% all modular power supply that just happens to have black sleeved cables:


    It's so new there isn't any competent technical review. However, there is a technical review of it's baby brother - the X-650 which should you give you some idea of the quality of the unit:


    If that is not what you want, then here's a newegg web page with all of the 700 to 800 watt power supplies they offer. You can go through the photos yourself to find all the psu's with cables that are black sleeved.

    Another option is to have one of the case mod vendors online sleeve the cables for you.

    Finally, you could always sleeve the cables yourself. It's easy to.
  2. You could check the following PSUs:

    SeaSonic X750 Gold
    Antec EarthWatts EA750

    I haven't checked the cable length as you didn't specify which cables have to be long and how long they need to be.
  3. ASSUMING you have a compatible case or willing to mod the case, you could get the Antec CP850.

    See review here: http://www.jonnyguru.com/modules.php?name=NDReviews&op=Story&reid=142
  4. I just don't understand how anyone could think that the flat modular cables of the Corsair would make for a messy appearance.
  5. the seasonic looks great, but Im not sure if 750W will support what I have, what I will have, and what I might have.

    Will 750W support a system composed of:

    A radeon HD 4970, or two 4870's in crossfire mode
    Intel Core i7/ xeon processor
    Any kind of 1366 mobo
    3 160gb's SSD, or 2 2TB 7200rpm HDD's
    12G's of DDR3 1600
    5 neon case fans
    temp controller
    Logitech Z-5500's
    Multiple monitors
    Liquid cooling

    I hardly have any of these things, and some I might never have, but the point is that I am seeing much of it in my system's near future, so I need a PSU that can support anything I decide to throw at it.
    I need it to be able to support my system for the next year to a year and a half.

    So the main question is, would 750W be going to low in power? I am prepared to go with an 80 plus silver certified PSU, if i need the extra wattage.
  6. delluser1 said:
    I just don't understand how anyone could think that the flat modular cables of the Corsair would make for a messy appearance.
    I checked reviews of that PSU and I have to agree with you. Cables are fine and it's a great PSU.
  7. ckaz, then you should buy the Corsair HX850W. According to this review http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews.php?/power_supply/corsair_hx850w_850w_atx_psu it can deliver over 1000 watts.
  8. XEON? Are you thinking of building a server work station or a gaming pc? There's a very big difference. Have you done your home work?
  9. ok maybe the xeon was an exxageration. by a long shot :p

    Are there any other good options for modular 850W PSU's?
  10. the OCZ Z Series 850W PSU looks ideal, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in Canada.


    This is totally ideal, because it is 80Plus Gold certified, and modular! The fact that it isn't black is only a minor setback.

    EDIT: Just looked at the U.S. price on Amazon, and even in U.S. dollars it is wayy to much. $240 might just be just too much. I am going to llok into some more 850W PSU's, and I'll let you know what I find
  11. i7 requires some 140W, HD5970 - the most power demanding gpu today - requires up to 300W and the rest of the power should demand 100w, at most.
    It takes you to some 540w. Making it 600w, 750w is enough.
    Then, I would strongly suggest you to go for Seasonic. It's just the best PSU you can get today.
    BTW, loose the neon lights. It's awful.
  12. ckaz if your looking for an etailer that has a wider variety of PSU's check out "Canada computers" , they carry many of the top brands and the prices are on par or better then newegg depending on the item. I currently have the corsair 850HX in a antec 1200 case , and I am very pleased with it so far. I previously had only antec power supply's and I find its a big step up in quality. here's a link to canadacomputer and I can vouch for them I ordered my unit there after seeing they had a special and it worked out cheaper then newegg.

  13. I have come to a decision that I will be going with the Corsair HX-850W PSU.

    I currently have the Antec Earthwatts 650W, so this will hopefully be a big improvement in every area. My current PSU died on me, so I am going to RMA it, then sell it, then buy this monster of a PSU, the HX850W.

    Thanks for the recommendation on Canadacomputers. I have been looking lately for an alternative to newegg.ca and ncix.ca, so that actually will help me alot.
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