1055T overclocking issues (again..)

Right, I have this problem with overclocking my 1055T and I was wondering if you guys could help me out.

Motherboard: ASUS M4A87TD/USB3
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T (currently at 3.3GHz maximum) - stock cooling
Memory: 4GB of DDR3 Kingston HyperX RAM

Now, the problem I have is this:

I can overclock my processor by increasing the FSB (which also obviously increases my Memory clock) but when I save the settings, my PC fans just speed up then slow down like it is constantly restarting itself. (I also notice a red LED on the board turns on).

Now, I should tell you that my memory runs at 1333MHz stock, and after increasing my FSB, It went up to around 1480MHz so I decreased it down a notch to 1200MHz or something like that (well within the range this memory is capable of), restarted and it the overclock failed. Then I took it down another notch to 900MHz and it seems to boot up (although I cant overclock past 3.3GHz).

One last thing to note is that I can go up to 3.5GHz (this time only decreasing the memory one notch back down to 1333 from the increase to 1600) and that works for 2 hours or so until I get a BSOD, and yes I have tried voltage increases which didn't seem to work, although I don't know if I increased it enough.

I really need help on this one as I want to go to at least 3.7 stable and I also know that doing this on air cooling is more than possible.
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  1. have you tried pushing the cpu on multiplier alone to see how high you can go?
  2. Frizzo said:
    have you tried pushing the cpu on multiplier alone to see how high you can go?

    I cannot push the multiplier as the 1055T isn't a BE processor, and therefore has a locked multiplier :(

    Any other suggestions?
  3. why did you buy that cpu if you wanted to OC? what do you have the hyper transport set at? and the link speeds also what about the imc and the imc voltage?
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