Xbox 360 through my PC/Graphics card

Hey guys, I've not seen this in a search.
I'm wondering, my PC has a VGA socket on it, but I understand that the VGA is output only.. but my card has a VGA socket (for which my graphics card powers my monitor) and also has a DVI socket.. I have an adapter that came with the card, is it possible I can get my xbox 360 (I have a cable that has a xbox-VGA adapter on it) to be powered through my PC.. so the cable that gives the 360's video a VGA, and then the adapter I have that turns the VGA to DVI..
is this possible? like through switching between display modes.. I plugged it in my PC and it gave the noise that detects its found hardware, but when I activate display no. 2 nothing happens, except my desktop extends which I cant get to, and I cant switch displays, so..
any help would be nice, as I would like to have both running, and be able to alt-tab, for example, between the two.

my card is an ATi Radeon HD2600
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  1. Are you trying to use your XBox as an extra video card? Or your PC as an extra video card?

  2. I want my xbox routed like this.

    Xbox > PC/GPU(DVI) > Monitor
    alongside my PC, which is,
    GPU(VGA) > Monitor

    my gcard has a VGA port, which is what my monitor uses so I can see what I am typing now, my desktop so to say.
    but I want my 360 to run through the DVI port of the gcard, not as a gcard itself, just to display the 360 so i can switch between display modes.. if that makes sence..
    so I can sort of alt-tab between my PC screen and the xbox screen. altho it wont be as simple as alt tab but thats just an example.
  3. the only way youd be able to get both displays on one screen is if your 360 is HDMI capable or if your monitor has to VGA ports. Your graphics card can only be output unfortunately.
  4. okay, thanks for the reply mate.

    looks like i'll be buying a monitor with 2 VGA ports sometime then :p
  5. You can also do that with a KVM. which would coast you well below 30 dollars.
    Search for "KVM" in newegg.
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