Help me choose one for my i7 930 Noctua good?
Noctua NH-C14


Noctua NH-D14

I have a Haf 922 ud3r x58 board with a i7930 mushkin redline ram. I've seen a review where they had the same ram/motherboard and the d-14 fit so that wouldn't be a issue.

I'm more wondering if the C-14 is better or if I should just go with the D-14? Or a different one completely? I don't know i'm pretty heart-set on the d-14 i've seen alot of good things about it.

The review on Frosty tech has me wondering if I should just go with the C-14?

I ordered a cooler-master V8 and it very disappointing, my girlfriend has a cnps10x extreme on her cpu and its cold as ice. The v8 is just not in the same league, im guessing its the fan speed? Or the setup, I don't really know. I'm rma'ing it and not being cheap this time.

I'm not really into the Corsair setups. I don't want to have to worry about push pull my butt etc. I'd rather just stick it on there and forget about it and spray it with a can of air to clean it off or something more simple like that. The factory cooler just isn't doing it for me anymore.

Now that I think about it the layout of the c-14 is open fan the same way not sideways like the d-14 so I think it would get dirty alot more fast..

Here's the video I found showing that it will fit the motherboard/ram combo I have.

And here's a video of it fitting the haf 922, Different motherboard though. I was wondering if there would be a issue with push/pull etc I don't really understand that concept.

One more question do I need to buy a different thermal paste to use instead of what it ships with? If so which?

Just fishing for suggestions. Be harsh if you must. :cry:

Thanks, Cole.
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  1. there isnt many distinguishing features between the two you selected, company's can cheap out on thermal paste, but i wouldnt get too worried over it, push pull just brings air through the fins faster than just 1 fan... its configured somewhat like this
    fan cooler fan
    || ||||| ||
    >>------------->> (air :P)
  2. Are these good fans or would you suggest a different one?
    Thanks for replying I really appreciate all the help Sir.
    Also thanks for explaining push/pull
    Would one of the Corsair water-coolers really help that much more then a fan like this one for o/cing?
  3. if your overclocking, it really depends, for higher overclocks yes water cooling is the better solution but i can run 3.8 off my stock cooler keeping under 70C, so it really depends on how high your looking to go
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    Noctua is the best air cooling solution , everybody try to beat them,but is hard. If you want a good cooled CPU and silent cooling solutin that is Noctua. Both coolers d14 and c14 are very good but the D14 is the father of air cooling.
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  6. Thanks for the input both you guys, just needed to be reassured. I noticed in one review the h70 couldn't even best the d-14 that feels good to me. My stock cooler is a pos, I guess my wiring is off I don't know..
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