Mouse turns off and on randomly.

First off, sorry for putting this thread in the CPU & Components Category. I looked through the list, and could not really find anything that seemed like the place for it, so i just put it in the category with the most traffic.

Anyway i got this old Logitech MX510 which has been my trusty mouse for about 6 or 7 years now. Recently, it has started turning off and on randomly. Suddenly it stops working, i lift it up and see the red light is gone, then 2 or 3 seconds later, i hear the sound of you plugging a USB device into your computer and it works again. So i tried googling the problem, and i found some old thread on some other site, saying i should try installing IntelliPoint drivers for microsoft mice. Even though they arent suppose to have anything to do with each other, it actually helped for a good 48 hours instead of cutting off every minute. Then the problem came back.

So naturally i figure that theres a loose cord in there, or atleast something is worn out in there. While i have it working, i try smacking the mouse abit into the mousepad and nothing happens at all. So i dont really think its the print inside the mouse. I also tried reinstalling Windows, and trying out Logitech mice drivers. Nothing seems to help for every long. Sometimes the mouse turns off fully, then switching the USB slot gets it back on. Now its not really a problem buying a new one since they are dirt cheap, but its really pissing me off.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. 7 years... your mouse has served u well... :)
    It's what people call "aging". So, have u try to plug it on the USB's back case rather than on the front case?
  2. My USB mouse is less than a year old.

    I started having this problem on 06/01/2012. I have a Logitech
    optical USB mouse that is corded. I've tried squeezing the male
    end of the USB plug as was suggested elsewhere so it's making a
    good contact.

    This hasn't helped.

    I also tried plugging it into a different USB socket on my HP
    Pavilion laptop without success.

    I also tried the tip of turning off the USB power setting option that
    might intermittently disable the USB to save power, but that
    didn't help either.

    I, too, noticed that the problem occurred after MS Vista updates
    were applied. I'm not sure what those updates were. I'm running
    with the 64-bit version of MS Vista.

    I'm also using Microsoft Security Essentials for my antivirus
    protection. A person on another website speculated that this
    might have something to do with the intermittent USB mouse problem.
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