Momentus XT or RAID 0

Hi All

I am looking to upgrade my H/D currently a 500gb 7200 16mb cache.

What I was looking at were 2 x 1tb saegate 32mb cache SATA 3 7200 in RAID 0 then I came across the momentus xt which has the 4gb of ssd for cache.

My quetions is which will perform better in the sense of response to every day use and programs, e.g excel, word, surfing the net and I do play some games, star craft, call of duty etc..

Obviously a SSD would be preferred and the intel x25m 40gb ssd is slightly more expensive than the momentus xt but size is a problem, however I could get the intel ssd for OS and stay with current hard drive for games, music etc.. If my games are installed on my std current hard drive, how will that perform to the momentus xt or 2x 1tb in raid 0.

So to sum it up my options are:

Momentus xt
2x 1tb sata 3 in raid 0 (32mb cache 7200)
1x intel 40gb ssd(OS) +(CURRENT) 500GB 16MB CACHE 7200

From my knowledge the momentus is not SATA 3 but are we using the sata 3 benefits to the fullest or is it more a marketing strategy?? Hense the 2x 1tg sata 3 drives in RAID 0

Honest answers plz and no favoritism

Many Thanks
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  1. and possibly in the near future 2 x momentus in RAID 0, not too concerned about hard drive failure as i do back up my stuff
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