Maelstrom vs.HAF 922 cases+ psu

hey guys,am searchin for a great gaming case...with a huge airflow.
what about these 2 cases:(i prefer a full tower case..with a reasonable price..90~110$
IN WIN Maelstrom(full tower):

Cooler Master HAF 922(mid tower):

N.B:I can only get cases from these brands (thermaltake,IN WIN,cooler master,antec)

and am thinkin abt gettin a 750W coolermaster PSU
is it enough for 2x Sapphire HD4870x2 2gb vapor-X
am nt into overclocking btw.any other suggestions will be great either for the cases or the psu
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  1. Finally, an easy question today.

    Coolermaster HAF 922. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent.
  2. The HAF 922 is a gteat case and INWIN has nothing to offer in competition. If ya didn't like the HAF styling, I'd steer ya to an Antec 900/902 but from those two, the HAF is the clear winner.
  3. If you have a tower cpu cooler, this may just be the placement of the cpu socket on my mobo but, the the huge 200 mm fan on my antec 900 sit right above my cpu cooler which dramatically drops cpu temps and gives me much more quiet cooling then using the 120 mm fan on my heatsink
  4. yea HAF 922 is a great case...but dnt u prefer a full tower case? lets nt forget abt my TWO sapphire radeon 4870x2 2gbs Vapor-x edition..will it fit easily in the HAF 922 MIDtower?
    sry about the confusion but i need to discuss this thread with gaming hardware pros which is hard to find here in lebanon:P
  5. just so that u know guys i got the HAF 922 thx for ur help cheers
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