Need budget CPU, GPU & Mobo

Hi guys & greetings!

This is my 1st time posting to this forum.

I just want to get expert opinion on which cpu, graphics card & motherboard to get. I'm building a budget PC and my budget is $100 for each component.

I'm thinking of getting Athlon II 250 & Radeon HD 4670 but I have no idea what motherboard to get.

The PC will be used for:-
1. Surfing the net (blogging, Youtube, Facebook that kinda stuff)
2. Using Office 2007
3. Watching movies (maybe a little HD stuff)
4. Playing FIFA, Pro Evo Soccer & Football Manager (the latest ones)
5. Occasional encoding & burning DVDs
6. I want to use Windows 7 when it comes out

I will not be overclocking as I don't want to spend on extra cooling solutions. I won't be using more than 1 graphics card.

I'm planning to get these parts by October.

Thanks in advance for any help & assistance.
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    here's one for 70 bucks after rebates.
    it uses ddr3 memory, so purchase accordingly. also no onboard graphics since you wil luse the 4670 card.

    and here's one for the ddr2/ am2+ platform

    both accept the athlon 250. make sure to do bios updates.
  2. my cpu & gpu choice good enough for my usage or can i do better with my budget?
  3. i personally would step up to the phenom II x2 550 and get either the hd4850 or hd 4770, whichever you can find cheaper. 4850 are cheaper at
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