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Hey everyone. I just bought a new motherboard and plan to install it along with my new Phenom ii x4 955 and my old 9800gt and ram. This will be my first install of a motherboard and Ill admit Im pretty clueless about what I need to do before and after installation. Im beginning to face the reality that Ill most likely need to reinstall vista, which I dont know how to do.
I dont have my vista disk(s), I dont know how to make backups either. I also do not have the nvidia disk for my 9800gt. Im praying this wont be a set back. Any tips would be a god send. Thanks ahead of time for any responses!


Gateway GT5654

Old Mobo: Elitegroup MCP61PM-AM

New Mobo: Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H Micro ATX

OS: Windows Vista 32 (No disk)

RAM: 3GB Samsung DDR2

GPU: EVGA 9800GT (No disk)

CPU: Phenom II X4 955 (new)

PCU: 500W

Thanks again.

EDIT: If I do have to re-install vista, will all my programs (games and stuff) still be there?
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  1. Before you start changing the board, figure out how you want to re-install windows. You have an oem board, and the operating system is tied to the bios version (dell, acer, hp, etc). You can create a system image using a blank dvd, and the "backup and restore" program in the control panel to save your old files. I purchased a dell vista dvd to install windows and sometimes it works on a non dell board. Or you can borrow another vista dvd from someone and try using your old coa sticker number to re-activate windows. Microsoft may detect the coa number not matching your installation dvd, so it may not activate. Or you can try finding another regular vista dvd on craigslist to save a few dollars. Hp systems are pretty strict about the coa sticker matching the installation dvd, but sometimes dell and acer will work fine. The blank dvd's start at around $5 for a 2-3 pack to do the system image before removing your old board. Also once you start changing out the board, make a diagram of the power supply and case wire locations and read the new board manual for installation tips.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I guess its safe to say the issue is solved. I called a guy at a local computer repair store and he told me that if i buy 4 gigs of 1200 ram from his shop for $80, he will go ahead and install everything for me. All I have to pay is the $80 for the ram and installation together. Pretty good deal. Thanks again for the reply!
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