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what is a good amd 955 after market cooler? the stock one is horrible and i really want to switch. i get 34-45C idle, while i get 45-55C playing games. i run prime95 and the temperature hits 61C very fast, i stop the program because the max this cpu could go is 62C so i dont wanna damage it.

the max i can spend is about $30. im buying ARtic 5 Silver as well and im buying all of this from the rebate money i get ($35)
my mobo is a gigabyte 790gx

thank you! im just looking for a cpu fan that will give me 50c or below at full load or running prime 95. i heard the Artic Cooling 7 or something is a good one?

oh yeah. i dont OC.
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  1. This one is a great deal and offers good performance
  2. I'm a bigger fan of the COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus but the ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 is a good one too.
  3. ^+1. I think the CCTF is a little better (and cheaper) but all three are excellent.
  4. hmm, that sunbeam one looks nice. especially since it's $15 after rebates.. tho i hate rebates since they take forever ^_^
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