What wireless adapter?

I have a new laptop but cant find a good signal to get connected to web. I am hoping if I buy a better wireless adapter I can get a better signal? Looking at newegg now, but don't no what one has best range? Can you please tell me a good USB model to get for picking up a week signal? Thank you!
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  1. Why don't you just get your own Internet service and quit stealing others?
  2. Were did you see that I was stealing? You being a mounter I would hope you could just answer the question instead of being of no help.

    I have and pay for internet service. I just cant get a good connection on my laptop. Can anyone recommend a adapter that has good range?
  3. dwa160/dlink
  4. It's not only the adapter but the router as well. Get an N router & adapter for the best range.
  5. grumpys right,get n router ,and n adapter,i have dlink dir825 router,and dwa 160 adapter,they are dual band so you can have 2 wireless networks running at the same time!
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