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Quick question regards the system I/O voltage on Sandy Bridge motherboards. I have an MSI Z68AGD80-B3 board with an Intel 2600K CPU. In the 2500K/2600K OC stick thread by MrFace he lists the appropriate range for the system I/O voltage (VCCIO) as being 1.05V to 1.08V. With default settings my board is hitting 1.34V, and using the OC Genie button this value is set at 1.25V. Both of these values are obviously way over 1.08V. What’s the deal? Why is the default setting massively over-volting the I/O? Is 1.05 to 1.08V really the right range?

My settings are in accordance with the OC stick thread. I’ve tried manually setting the I/O voltage to 1.05V and the system seems stable during boot and after a brief <10 minute Prime95 test at 4.5GHz with temps hovering in the mid to low 60'C range using an H50 cooler.

VCore @ 1.30V
VRAM @ 1.52V (my RAM hates 1.50V and causes boot loops)
VSA @ 0.82V
VPLL @ 1.80V
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  1. Max for vccio is 1.2v. The reason it increased could be to stabilize memory which can rely on vccio.
    Your vccsa is kind of low... Try setting that to 0.925v(intel default) and vccio to 1.05v to see if its stable.
  2. Say what??? So both of the voltages you just listed are well outside of what's recomended in mrfaces OC thread. So I don't know who to believe on this one. All I can find on the interwebs is a bunch of conjecture and no actual Intel specs on what these settings should be at stock, let alone the recomended maximums.
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