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So as a first time builder, i bought the Antec 902. And at the power on button, its hooked up to a 2-pin power connector(I think). I bought the MSI NF750-G55 mobo, and i really cannot find the 2-pin spot on the mobo. And if its not supposed to be connected to the mobo, where? The reset buttons too. I need help for both, as well as the HDD led. :( HELP
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  1. Did you check your motherboard manual? Manuals usually have a diagram which shows the locations of various motherboard connections.

    If your motherboard is already installed in a tower case the small connectors for the power on switch and the reset switch are usually located along the bottom of the board near the bttom right corner. It may be part of a small plastic block on the motherboard containing a few other connections such as the power on led and the hard disk drive activity led.
  2. I'm gonna echo Johnny's comments .... almost have to, given his avatar, he must be another Deadhead :)

    If you don't have your manual handy, can d/l one here:

    And yes, lower right hand corner of MoBo when looking in case ...on/off switch / rest switch all sorts a goodies.
  3. Well see thats what happened.... There's only one 2 pin connection..... And i've tried it with the power connector and it didn't work... Please help :(
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    I just went to and took a look at the photos of your motherboard. When I zoomed in I could clearly see the connections just below the black Sata connection marked SATA_2 and immediately to the right of the white three pin fan connection marked SYSFAN3. The connection has two rows of 4 pins each. Check the diagram in your manual to find out which two pins in that connection are for power on.
  5. Usually all i do is look at the manual and remember that the negative wire is either black or white.
  6. Even if, for switches, the polarity is meaningless. :)
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