First time, how's this setup?

Hey guys, this is my first time building a computer, what do you think of this setup and is there anything I have overlooked?

processor: i7 965
graphics card: Radeon HD 4870
hard drive: 1TB WD
power supply: corsair 750w
case: Antec Nine Hundred Two
optical drive: Sony Optiarc
motherboard: EVGA 132-BL-E758-A1
memory: OCZ 12gb DDR3
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  1. It's a good setup.

    If you haven't bought the parts yet, you might want to consider i5-870, which came out today.
  2. Thanks. Do you think I am definitely good with that power supply? Do I need any other coolers or fans or anything? I'm an amateur here.
  3. Maybe another PSU if you want to do overclok....if isn't the PSU is ok. The case comes with 4 fans, and the posibility that you add another if you have the money, add the other two....
  4. i7 965 isn't good for overclocking? Already purchased everything but the PSU
  5. The i7 965 is really good for overcloking, i mean that if you want to do overclok the CPU maybe the PSU isn't enough.
  6. Unless there's something about the i7 965 power requirements that I'm not aware of, the Corsair 750 should be plenty.
  7. i set this thing up and the bios isnt coming up on my HD LG monitor. it really seems like everything is put together right. did i miss something?
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