Making a new computer and I need some help with hard drives

Making a new computer and I need some help with hard drives

I would like to have one sata hard drive for business and one for everyday use both in the same computer going back and forth between the two of them how would I go abut doing this ?

Can I just turn one off one on in the bios with them both set to master or do I need to unplug / plug them in to the motherboard every time ?

If the later is how what would I need to do this on sata plugs hard drives can I get a extension cable’s that will let me do the out side the case ?

will it degrade the drives/motherboard plugs or the extension cable’s more over time ?

Will I have to have get two cd key’s for windows 7 or can I just do it on one ?

Doing this to keep from getting virus’s on the hard drive/os i use for business/paying bills vs. the one everyone in the family use’s for internet and gameing.
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  1. 1) With sata, there is no more master/slave. It is all point to point.

    2) In the bios, you can identify which of the two drives you want to boot from.
    But, since both drives will be active and known to Windows, your virus protection separation will not work.

    3) There are sata cable switches. But, They may not do exactly what you want.

    4) If you can tolerate the slow speeds, you could plug the drives into a usb 3.0 port and boot from there.

    5) Another alternative is to use a pair of mobile racks. Like this:
    It will have a power switch so you can turn off the drive you don't want to use. Even remove it.

    6) Mechanically plugging/unplugging the sata cables is not a great idea.

    7) Only one windows key is needed on a dual boot system.

    8) Perhaps the easiest approach is to select the desired boot drive from the bios, and have that windows disable the other drive with a startup command.

    9) Thinking more about it, build a second pc for business.
  2. Thank you for the help
    looks like i just need to make a second computer.
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