What is this wire on my Motherboard!

So i was doing something to my GPU and about to close my side panel when i noticed wires touching my RAM so i went to move it a little, and also noticed a little wire next to it and i barely even touched it and this wire thing came out of this gold thing on the motherboard.Ive never even noticed that wire before til now, its a little small in circumfrance black wire/cable with a thin flat copper plate at the end like half a inch long.So i kinda freaked out and put it between the gold thing on the motherboard which looked to be where the wire was before.So what the hell is this, will my computer explode????


here is a pic of my motherboard and wheer the wire is going in to
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  1. It sounds and looks like it might be temperature probe, which should have been connected to your case front panel if it was under the gold-colored heat sink. It does not connect to the red SATA connector. Remove it, and get on with your life.
  2. Well, the gold (copper or painted actually) thing is a chipset cooler. It is fairly durable, as long as it isn't knocked off.

    Now, the thing you described sounds a lot like a thermocouple, used to measure temperatures. If it is loose, the only negative impact is that the chipset temperature will not be reported accurately. However, I've never seen a MB use an exposed wire like that for their thermocouples, so it could be something else. Could you take a closer pic?
  3. what is the red sata connector if your talking about the red thingson the MB, the wire isnt coming from there, it seems like its coming from the power supply as it runs behind with all my other wires. and ill also say that at the end of the wire its not like you connect anything to it. But for now im just gonna to stick it inside that gold thing which i believe is a AMD 760G which i think is achipset
  4. I wouldn't worry about it. If you can post a close pic of we can confirm what it is, otherwise I'd say it is unimportant/
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