1 TB ST31000528AS or 2 TB ST2000DL003 as Primary Drive? Need Advice!

Hi, im trying to decide which one should i use as a primary hard disk, i currently have the 1 TB ST31000528AS as primary hard drive, but i just bought the 2 TB ST2000DL003 and after reading some posts it seems that this last one is pretty darn good as a primary drive.

So i was thinking on using the 2 TB drive as master and the 1 TB as slave, but im still not sure about which one would be better, can someone give me an advice about this?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. There is no master/slave with sata drives. They are point to point.

    Either drive will perform about the same. The larger drives may have denser platters, and will transfer data faster. You may be able to detect a difference using synthetic benchmarks, but you can't tell in actual usage.

    If you want performance, look for a SSD.
  2. Thanks :)
  3. SSD obviously is better. Transcend has announced the arrival of a new SSD, the MSM610. This SSD is a little different from other mSATA SSDs, as it might feature slightly older technology as well as coming in an even smaller package than the standard mSATA SSD.
    But if you want to decide between those two, here is two links for compare:
    You can see specs of these drives, as well as customers reviews. Up to you what to choose
  4. I would prefer using ST31000528AS for OS that is primary and ST2000DL003 for secondary storage since its better and faster in data transfer!
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