Ati 9800Pro won't register on computer

Hello all.

First, I am running a Dell gx270 with 1.75 gb DDR. Have 2 40gb Hdd running Win Xp Pro sp3.

I am trying to swap up from a Nvidia Geforce 5500(256 mb) to an ATI 9800pro (256mb). The Geforce was running OK but we want better graphics.

My problem is I install the ATI and the os can't see it. I made sure it is seated and that my mobo can run 4x/8x. Made sure to connect power from PS to it.

Is it absolutely a bad card or am I forgetting to check something?

Thank you
Katty Katy
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  1. You sure its agp? how old is the card does it even work? maybe its already dead.
  2. Of course it's agp... its an ati9800pro.
    What are you going to play on it?

    You are probably installing the wrong drivers. Which driver versions did you try ?

    The ati is a good improvement over the previous card, but in our days, i'm not sure if it is good enough, it all depends on what you are going to play on it.
  3. ahem' that was my sarcasm. I mean maybe he can only play that on his system. Dam should said drivers.
  4. I am sure that its agp. I am trying to play EQ2 and WOW. I am using the drivers from the ati website. but doesn't matter which drivers iffen i can't get the system to recognize the card is installed and therefore install said drivers.

    And I figured that it would be assumed from my name but I am a girl.
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    Newer ATI drivers dont support that card anymore you need to use older drivers personally i thing the 8.12 drivers were pretty good.

    PS i think its anythink after 9.2 wont work (Edit for this info)
  6. thank you mactronix. I had to use 8.7. it was the only one i could find on the list that said for xp pro. but it works now. YAY!!
  7. Glad your sorted and thanks for posting back, i shall now recomend trying 8.7 to others in your position should it come up again.

  8. I still doubt it was agp
  9. kal20mx said:
    I still doubt it was agp

    And you still dont know what the hell you are talking about.
    Problem fixed. Move on

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