OC e7500..Help!!

I waana overclock my C2D e7500 to around 3.6GHz.....
It comes with 2.93 GHz, but now i'm running at 3.22 GHz by just increasing the Bus speed to 292, nothing else was changed by me...

Here is my PC's specification:

Intel C2D e7500 @2.93 GHz ~ 3.22 GHz
Ram - 2*2GB Transcend 800MHz= 4GB
HDD - Samsung 80GB
PSU - 2*400 Watt= 800Watt
Graphic Card - Sapphire Ati Radeon 6770 1GB GDDR5
Operating System - Windows 7 32 Bit
Bus speed - 292.5MHz
Rated FSB - 1168.6MHz
Core Voltage - 1.288 V
Core Speed - 3214MHz
Normal Temp - 37-38C
Load Temp - 61 Max

Tell me if any other information is required..

Here's the screenshot while blend test...

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  1. get a new CPU cooler if you want to go that high, i don't like seeing load temps go any higher then 65*C

    I have a C2D e6850 running @3.6 with stock volts just by upping the FSB from 1333 to 1600. using a zalman 92mm CPU cooler.
  2. Actually, I have tried to go 3.5GHz and my system boots up nicely...
    But, the thing is that i don't know that it is stable or not...?
    How do i check whether my system is stable at 3.5 GHz or not..??????
    And also tell me that my PC was OK or not in current state as i already uploaded a photo of that....
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    run the blend test/ prime 95 test for 3+ hours with your CPU setting, if you get any errors means something isn't right with your current settings.

    as for the screen shot everything looks stable.

    assuming you're using a stock cooler they're only ok for minor OC's once you start cranking up the speeds/volts it can't handle the heat.
  4. Ok, thanks & also for quick reply...
    I'll do the blend test for 3+ hours..
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