Cheap Reliable Power Supply

does anyone know if this thing is trustworthy and good?

I'm looking for a power supply under $30 that can run a GeForce 9800GT or a Radeon 4830
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    The "ZEB-480W SATA PLUS" will be sufficient if you don't use SLI or CrossFire. It will also be well under $30 mark, plus it's reliable.
  2. The zeb site gives me a suspicious warning from zone alarm.

    Cheap and reliable are kinda mutually exclusive.

    here's a deal tho....$85 PSU w. $25 rebate and 420 discount for $40
  3. As Jack says, "Cheap and reliable are kinda mutually exclusive. " While there is some expensive junk out there, you generally do get what you pay for.

    My first recommendation for a 500 - 550 watt PSU is this;
    Corsair 550VX

    I don't particularly care for OCZ because they tend toward incomplete specifications and data plates. For example, what is the maximum 12 volt output current?

    And their specs indicate the Zebronics PSU's are junk.
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