AMD Phenom II temps before OC

I have the Phenom II 955BE processor and at idle it sits at around 29-30°C but when I run prime95 it goes up to a whole 59°C!

Is this normal for the stock CPU cooler?
Wouldn't the Hyper 212 help me ALOT with cooling?

I have an Hyper 212 ready to install before I overclock. I just wanna make sure my CPU can handle it!

Going to try and throw it up to 4.0GHz :)
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  1. a whole 59C? mine goes up to a whole 75C if im not careful, but to the point, you shouldnt get scared of a 60C, 70 is about where u wanna be, 80C is where you want to 1. turn ur voltage/clock down
    2.look into a better cooler/re seat the heat sync or re apply thermal paste
  2. The AMD 955BE temp limit is 62°C
  3. stock cooling and after market max 60 C for safelly
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