Please help mothervoard is overvolting cpu

I have a gigabyte g-ma78g ds3h and a new x4 630.
when my cpu is at full i see on cpuid hw monitor the vcore is at max 1.46(this is a 1,4 cpu)
Also on bios if i chose normal cpu settings i see that it reads CPU normal vcore =1.425
But on the power readings it says 1.5v!
Will this damage my cpu? (i think it already damaged my old x2 5400 (brisbane) it was giving a 1.4v when gaming, that's why i changed cpu's
My specs are as follows

Dual boot Wxpx64-windows 7x64
Antec true trio 650 watts 3x12v 19a each
Amd x4 630 (socket am3 45nm)
Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H
Evga 9600gt 512mb pci-e super clock
2 x 2gb ddr800 ram
soundblaster audigy2
3x sata2 hd's
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  1. I am not familiar with AMD motherboards, but you should be able to go into the BIOS and manually set the CPU voltage to a specific value.
  2. i have changed this settings in bios.
    .-cpu clock ratio=auto
    .-cpu northbridge freq= auto
    .-cpu host clock control =manual
    .-cpu Freq mhz=200
    .-pci freq mhz=auto
    .-ht link widt=auto
    .-ht link freq=auto
    .-vga core clock control=disabled
    .-set memory clock=manual
    .-memory clock=x4
    .-dram configuration=(it's 800)
    system voltage control=manual(when i set this to manual i get the warning SYSTEM VOLTAGE NOT OPTIMIZED)
    .-ddr2 voltage control=normal
    .-northbridge voltage control=normal
    .-southbridge voltage control=normal
    .-cpu mb vid control=normal
    .-cpu voltage control=normal
    (it says that cpu normal V. is 1.4 on this page.BUT on another page it reads cpu 1,5v)

    Now with this settings i get this readings on cpuid hw monitor when i do a everest stress test.(cpu and fpu only 30sec)
    Hardware monitor AMD Athlon II X4 630
    Temperature 0 19°C (65°F) [0x94] (Core #0)goes up to 47c
    Temperature 1 19°C (65°F) [0x94] (Core #1) "
    Temperature 3 19°C (65°F) [0x94] (Core #3) "
    Temperature 2 19°C (65°F) [0x94] (Core #2) "

    The cpu voltage goes from 1.09(cool n quiet) to max 1.51 (this with cpu 100%)
    on the everest sensor page reads the same readings, but it also adds a CPU temp of 68max

    Hardware monitor NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
    Temperature 0 42°C (107°F) (GPU Core)
  3. My motherbooard is similar, it gives 0.2 volts more than I specify so if I go into the BIOS and put my CPU on 1.3 v it actually gets 1.5! I don't worry about it though, if I want 1.3 v I just enter 1.1 in the BIOS
  4. so you lower your cpu voltage?
    i have the option to lower it to -700max. if i do that and i boot to windows what would be the procedure to see if i have a stable vcore?
  5. Download CPU-z to check your voltage, then download a programme called prime95 to see if your CPU is stable
  6. Lets say that i set -50 on vcore.
    Is there another setting i should worry? like NB,SB etc?
  7. Not sure about North or southbridge but i would keep dropping by -50 on vcore until cpu-z or HWmonitor displays what should be the athlons stock voltage ( I dont know what it is, sorry)
  8. ty. i'll try that today.
    will lowering the cpu v core, affect CnQ? (i can disable it if i must)
  9. Ok i went into bios and set -50 ,booted to windows and then i started a Everest stress test 3 minute testing
    (cpu-fpu only)

    And on HWmonitor the Vcore max was 1.46 the core temps max was 47c
    on Everest sensor i had the same readings, but i had an extra CPU temp 68max

    I restarted the pc and in bios i set -75
    Repeated the test for 5 minutes
    and on HWmonitor core temps max was 46c and Vcore max was 1.42(5 minute testing)

    On Everest the Vcore showed the same reading (core temps and Vcore) But i was worried about the CPU temp reaching 65c.(is this the true cpu temp?)

    On CPU-z the voltage max was 1.42(so i think i got the over voltage thing resolved
    But i'm worried about the temps so here's a question.

    Do i void Amd warranty if i use an aftermarket cooler or if i change the thermal paste on the cpu?(HS was warm to the touch when cpu was 68 according to Everest)

    Also can i use the HS of my old Amd x2 5400(It's bigger and i think it's the same material)

    I'm going to give a warning to people that have this motherboard
    I started to have Shutdown issues(amd x2 5400) 1 month ago and when i started to see the cpu temps with different software the readings were high (almost 80-90c!) i just realized that this started when i updated my bios(i was on f-4) because i was going to upgrade the cpu
    When i started to troubleshoot 4 days ago i notest that the motherboard was giving 1.4 1.45v on full load to a 1.3v CPU so that's why the cpu was reaching that high temps and shutting down
    Also i never had this problem before and i used to do a lot of gaming when i built this pc(mid 2008)and never did i had a shutdown problem.

    So my advice to people like me with this motherboard, check your Bios pc health page and see if the Vcore is aprox the one that your cpu needs.
    On my new x4 630 it was giving a 1.5v after i lowered the Vcore -75 i get a 1.42 on bios and a 1.42 max on Windows, i do get a warning in Bios about "System voltage is not optimized"
    I'll continue my testing after i lower my cpu temps.
    If anyone wants to give me some advices please do.
  10. glad to see that the voltage is now lower! =)
    replacing the heatsink DOES NOT void your warranty by the way so you can change it with no worries! and in regards to your old heat-sink, if the socket is the same it should fit just fine but you could get a really cheap after-market one that is going to be better (20-30 dollars)
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