Is there a raid setup which utilizes all disk space instead of truncating it? IF SO....

I am getting 4 seagates 2tb each and was wondering If I setup the 4 under raid 1,0 on the motherboard, and the SSD utilizing either an app or windows raid imulation; could I combine the 2 speeds? the setup I have would (according to posts) would be about as fast as the SSD. This would be fruitless of course if the first question is a no.

IF YES; please dont ask me why would I want to do that. Im a tinkerer and that is the only reason I need unless it could feasibly be detrimental.
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  1. I don't understand your question. "utilizes all disk space instead of truncating it?" "and the SSD utilizing either an app or windows raid imulation"? Combine the speeds? What is it you want to do?
  2. In a RAID 1-0 configuration you will have 4TB of storage, because two of the drives will be used as a mirrored backup of the first two (if one RAID 0 array fails, you have another ready to take over). If you setup a RAID 5 array, you will have 6TB of storage and be able to have one drive fail without losing your data. Storage wise, you will get more from a RAID 5 setup. As far as combining speeds, I'm not sure what you mean but this may answer your question: In a RAID 1-0 array, only one RAID 0 array is read from and written to, the other array is simply an invisible backup copy.
  3. What I was wanting to do was to have essentially 2 hard drives (one a super fast but small SSD and the other a raid 1,0) of different proportions; however after doing some research, i think Im just going to setup a symbolic link for my program files and have the OS portion only on the SSD.
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