ATI sapphire HD 3850 low fps cs 1.6??!!

Hi every one ..
I have a Probleme with cs 1.6 only !!
I played DMC 4 and COD4,5 very well 60fps+
but cs1.6 it's down as 20fps when they are too many players ..
i just dont understand!
any ideas guys ??
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  1. My idea would be that if it only happens when there are lots of players maybe it's not a video card problem. What are the rest of the specs of your system?
  2. Its is almost guaranteed to be a INTERNET slowdown (Lag)

    Caused by having to many people online playing the game.

    Your computer is fine.
  3. no , ti's not a interner slowdown , ever if i play with bots (Xd)
    I have P4 3.6Ghz
    1 Go RAM ddr (i know it's sux , but i cant find a ddr1 1go ram !!)
    OS : Xp sp2
  4. + i had a fx 5500 , and it's work fine with Cs 1.6 100fps FIX!
    so the problem in the video card , maybe i should put something OFF .. ?
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