Mini-ITX Motherboard for NumberCrunching


I am looking for a mini-itx motherboard that will serve two functions: sending/receiving data over the internet and crunching numbers. There will be no monitor (though I might use one initially for troubleshooting), no hard drives (I intend to run Puppy Linux off of a USB key), and thus no peripherals. The only things that I expect the board to have are a reasonable number of USB ports (3+) and Gb ethernet (to be plugged into a WiFi router). I will add either a 512Mb or a 1Gb stick of RAM.

Therefore, the only things that appear to come into consideration are CPU and overall price (and thus which motherboard to get). Not having been told otherwise, I feel that the Intel Atom is the best processor in terms of cost. And so I was considering getting the Intel D150MO board for under $90.

My question is this: Is that board overkill for what I intend to use it for? A nice price would be a $50 mainboard, but I don't expect there are any good boards for that price. What is the best price/performance Mini-ITX mainboard that fits what I've said above?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. what kind of number crunching are you doing, because you have a choices ranging from atom to the core i5

    that board should be plenty for the internet task you want, though i see a problem with booting from the USB all of the time, speed, why not spend a little and use a laptop HDD
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