Integrated onboard graphics

May be a silly question! but want to get clarified!
Going buy a AM3 mobo soon for my pc!
Choices are

In both boards specification, it is given that,

Integrated ATI Radeon HD 4200 graphics (DirectX10.1)

Just curious to know about the amount of Onboard Video Graphics memory available.

Hope it is 512MB. Please confim.
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    They have a 128M 'chunk' of dedicated DDR3 'SidePort' memory on-board; you can then, on the "Advanced BIOS Features' page, configure an additional block from your main memory for the Frame Buffer - it can be set at 128, 256, or 512 M...
  2. Thanks for Clearing my doubt!
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  4. Just realize that onboard graphics cards are not as good as a dedicated PCIe board. As in your case, you'll have to use more of your system memory as opposed to a dedicated PCIe board that already has 512 to 1gig of dedicated memory onboard.
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