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Hi gents, I'm quite an experienced gaming pc builder and have decided that it's time to create a centralised storage device that will keep myself and the gf happy.

I want to build my nas/server because i want
1. power efficiency
2. ability to upgrade
3. power (speed)
4. It seems like a central server with specialised terminals (ps3 and iphones) is better than a single HTPC
5. building is more fun

I will split this into 2 sections as I need quite a lot of questions answered (I have spent a long time trawling threads here).

Section A - "What I have now and what I want from my NAS":

I currently have a gaming pc and the gf has a laptop. We both have iphones. I am about to get a new tv (not decided yet) and I already have a ps3 (fat version).

1. I want to be able to put all my music on the nas so I can just put my iphone on an iphone dock and stream the music when i have parties. would prefer to do via the iphone's Itunes as I already have a big itunes library on my gaming rig. Not sure if Sonos would give something extra too. Essentially want to access my music anywhere

2. I want to be able to stream content (1080p or sd) to my new tv - it will probably have some DNLA capability but I presume via the ps3 is the best way to go. I may also get an Apple tv2.

3. When we're in bed I'd like to be able to stream my movies/shows to the gf's laptop

4. Thinking of getting an ipad2 so would also like to be able to stream my movies/shows to it when on the couch.

5. Want to store all my photos and work/essays on the nas - I will also back up to an external drive.

6. Not sure if this is possible but would love it if we could, before going to work, put whatever music/media we wanted on our iphones for that day, straight from the nas.

7. remote access would be great but am worried about how secure it is if I have all my personal stuff on the nas. do not want to expose it , not sure if there are ways that you can tighten security on these things?

8. later down the line will perhaps look to add ip cameras so i can monitor my home on my iphone - that would be so cool and very Bond-like

B) Hardware:

I'm more comfortable with this part - The actual layout/design of my network I can worry about later, after ascertaining if I can do all of the above out of one box. Can decide on wireless v wired later (will probably have a mixture of both)

The box building I am very comfortable with although I do need to know - Will an Atom be enough for all of the above (I plan to either leave on 24/7 or just when I'm at home)?

I will probably build a silent rig with a few HDDs to start with. Don't have a problem with RAID (although never done it before) if that will make my server faster but would like to avoid if poss so I don't have too many Hdds draining electricity.

C) Conclusion:

1. Please let me know if/how I can do all of A)
2. I need to decide between WHS 2011 or Freenas, I'll go with whatever lets me do A) but I must say that WHS11 looks very cool and the upcoming iphone app for it ( looks very Bond-esque. Please help me with that.
3. say I installed freenas, did Raid0 and the usb drive with freenas on dies - would that mean I lose all my data on the RAID array?

Thanks so much for the help with this
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  1. Windows 7 will do everything you want in a, no need for home server.

    Streaming HD content will require much more then an atom, and wireless n on everything, especially streaming to more then one device at a time.

    You dont need a seperate box, use your rig and setup sharing. Get a NAS network attatched storage and hook it to your rmain rig.

    For the HD videos use it is awsome.
  2. No, you dont need more than Atom to do what you need, but not in WHS
    Windows 7 works, but it hogs too much resources, so to built low power (green) system is very hard
    WHS - Atom can handle about 5/6 drives, more than that it start loosing performance

    Just make sure you you get Intel NIC, use other NICs you are loosing at least 20% transfer rate.

    Use ALL WD Green drives like i did HERE, forget about the TLER BS and 10^14 issue

    My NAS can do and in service about a year
    Each SATA port can have up to 12TB RAID5 volume
    Download BT
    Streams BD.iso - requires about 60mb/s per stream, we streams 4 streams of Bluray no problem
    Itune Server
    Backup your computer
    and lot more...

    Check out the freeNAS
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