My computer kills my Graphics card

Alright so about a month ago I had my 8800 gtx. I forgot the error that was occuring in event viewer but i tried everything but couldnt get it to fix, it kept making my computer crash. Then all of a sudden, dead. the computer went black. I got a replacement 8800gtx and about a week later the same thing happened, crashed a little bit then dead. So i decided to buy a gtx 260. Ive had it for about 2 weeks now and i started to get a different kind of error, and crashes, then today. dead... black screen. I dont have the error off hand but it had something to do with JRAID 1 scsi. Something keeps killing my video cards but i cant figure out what it would be. My specs are: gigabyte p35-ds3r, quad core 6600, one 80 gig raptor and one 500 gig seagate. 2 sticks of 1g ddr2 800 crucial ram, sound blaster audigy 2 zs, and a 650w psu. Ive done plenty of tests when the cards have been dead to prove that the video card is dead. but i just dont know whats causing it. ive removed ram, removed my sound card. its just not adding up. anyone have any suggestions please let me know.
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  1. First of all run without a graphics card(if u have integrated graphics card). Do some stability test with software like Sandra( If ur pc ran nicely and stable then definately it is a psu issue. What is the brand of that 650W psu? Is the computer crashing in idle time or when u run games? Q6600 is pretty much a power hungry processor u really need a good branded psu. Generally a 650W is enough for ur system if only it is from a good well known brand. But if it is a generic psu then maybe u got a problem in that.
  2. And check out if u have plug in 2 6pin pcie connector in ur card. There are 2 connector either of them open the card will not get enough power and pc crash when in load. So check that out also
  3. this seems like a psu problem
    or if things persist...a cpu problem most probably
    as redwine said..try running on onboard graphics and see if the problem still persists..
  4. Could be a overheating problem, check your air flow.
  5. its not overheating i monitor that, I will try without a graphics card today and see what happens, ill let you guys know.
  6. If you still have the other cards try them in another system if possible. I agree that it may be a psu issue.
  7. psu issue as mentioned or a pci slot problem
  8. I have an Antec Tru Power Trio 650w. I dont have the right connection to be able to use onboard, if it even has it at all. I have tried putting my friends card in to test it out and his works perfectly. Idk why this all of a sudden started killing them.
  9. weston said:
    I have an Antec Tru Power Trio 650w. I dont have the right connection to be able to use onboard, if it even has it at all. I have tried putting my friends card in to test it out and his works perfectly. Idk why this all of a sudden started killing them.

    Try your card(s) in his box to see if they even post. Did you ever see artifacts or ever here strange noises while in use?
  10. when it would crash in game, i would get a black screen and it would flicker near the top. then i could sometimes alt tab and i would have artifacts. i usually always saw some artifacts. no strange noises though. my friends going to let me know whether it works or not.
  11. Alright so I tried them in my friends computer and the old 8800gtx didn't work but when I put the new gtx260 in it worked! So does this confirm that it's a psu problem? Is there a chance it might be the mobo?
  12. Also it was crashing in game then last night I came home from work and the screen had tons of artifacts, it was idle and not running anything. When I restarted it that's when I was getting the black screen
  13. I think that it is a psu problem, bad crappy psu can kill cards and other parts.
  14. Also if it is the PSU it may have screwed up yer mobo and anything attached aswell further adding to yer issues.Buy a new PSU and stress test yer PC to see if nothing else has been damaged by the bad PSU.And for the sake of ruling out any other probs , strip down the PC and test the memory and check yer cables to insure they are plugged in and also to make sure there is no lose connections.
  15. I highly doubt anything else is damaged.. When I put my friends gpu in it works fine, it's only the video card that seems to be dying
  16. weston said:
    I highly doubt anything else is damaged.. When I put my friends gpu in it works fine, it's only the video card that seems to be dying

    It has to be the psu very little else could be causing the problems. Did you ever have drives that would stop responding or would restart since with many PSUs feed the card and drives on the same rail for most tri rail antec units. Two feed the cpu through the eps4pin or the 8pin while the last rail feed the card and drives. Like with my antec ea650 the first and third rail feed the cpu while the remaining on does every thing else. I have managed to run my 8800gtx with loads of drives and fans while a 9800gt (65nm) was shoehorned in with the molex to 6pin. So I think you got a dud of a psu or have greater needs than what it can deliver.
  17. Alright well I'm going to go to bestbuy today and just try out a different psu just to make sure, I'll let you know what happens
  18. Alright just tried a new psu and I still had a black screen.. So it has to be a problem with the mobo then doesn't it
  19. What I don't understand is why my card would work in my friends computer and his vid card works in mine, but my card doesn't work in my computer.. It's just weird
  20. is ur friend's card same as urs? if so then it is most probably ur pci express lane in the motherboard
  21. nope, he has a 9800 gtx

    Best Buy is extreamely over priced go on newegg but if that is out of the budget ebay would still be better than best buy. Can't wait look up online to see if there is a Goodwill computer works in your area. I bought a nice Enermax in my town but one day when I didn't have much money I missed out a 700w dual or quad rail one by the same brand.
  23. ... I go to bestbuy to get a product I know I'm going to return.
  24. I just ordered a new mobo since the different psu didn't work. Do you think it's still possibly the psu that did it or could it just have been a faulty mobo. I don't want to buy a mono only to break because of the psu. It's a good brand psu, I don't see why it would cause problems only for the specific gpu slot.
  25. Hello weston dont buy a mobo right away. First jack in ur card and measure the temp if the temp is very high at idle (85 or more) then i think u r having overheating issue.Try running the card having ur case opened. If thats not the issue i really dont know whats causing it. U may try out a mobo but i dont think it will work as ur mobo and psu ran the 9800gtx just fine.
  26. Did you try the same game at the same level that causes problem in ur pc? Because it maybe the card itself having bad memory. I had a problem with fx5200 in some games i could see artifacts but in some i dont see anything. I sent it out in the shop and went for a fx5700 and everything ran just fine. But in my case the pc ran fine everything ran fine only in some games i could see artifacts and that was a graphics card problem. But in ur case ur pc is not posting. But ur friend's pc is posting. So thats probably not card problem. Then ur friends card ran fine in ur pc u said. Then probably not the psu or the mobo problem. The only thing left is overheating issue. Else i dont see anything else that could cause the problem. Quite strange problem. U should consider talking to specialist in australia maybe if he look at ur system he can figure out whats causing the problem.
  27. Well i monitor everything and i know for a fact its not an over heating issue, everything runs at a normal temperature. and also, its happened to three video cards now, i wouldnt think it would be a problem with the video card, especially since it has happened to 3 different cards now. yea this is a really weird problem im having, ive tried looking up if anyone else has had this happen before and ive got nothing thats similar to this.
  28. Quote:
    I dont have the error off hand but it had something to do with JRAID 1 scsi

    I see RAID and SCSI...sounds like a HD problem to me...
  29. dont get old style power supplies triple/quad rail is old and crappy.

    Its actually BAD to have more than one rail on modern pc's with modern high quality power supplies

    go buy one that has 1 big rail.. otherwise somehow you end up with half your pc on 1 rail half on another rail and a 3 rail with nothing on it.
  30. If that is a hdd problem i think atleast the pc would start or post, right? he said the pc is totaly blank/dead or not posting anything or black screen. If the problem is in DIMM or RAM then it wouldnt post after inserting his friend's gfx, and also without appropiate ram installation u would hear beep.
  31. my new motherboard comes on thursday, ill let you guys know how it does.
  32. btw its not "bad" to have more than one rail on your psu. especially if its a good brand. like antec, which i have
  33. Good luck with your new board. Hopefully that will put an end to those problems.
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