DDR3 What do he letters and numbers mean

Hi, can I use either of these bits of DDR3 ram in an Apple imac i7

2GB 2Rx8 PC3-8500U-07-00-b0

2GB 2Rx8 PC3-8500S-07-00-F0

what do the "S" and the "U" and the "b0" and "F0" mean?
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  1. DDR = Double Data Rate
    This indicates that it transfers data twice each clock cycle.

    DDR3 = RAM that is compliant with the third revision of the DDR standard.
    It offers lower power usage, higher bus rates and higher data transfer rates than previous revisions, somewhat offset by higher timings.

    2GB = The capacity of the DIMM (Dual Iin-line Memory Module, AKA stick of RAM).

    PC3 = Again indicates that this is DDR3 RAM.

    PC3-8500 = The peak data transfer rate in MB/s.

    The rest is irrelevant.
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