Good external 8-bay RAID enclosure?

I've been scouring around google all day trying to find a decent 8-bay external raid enclosure, and I seem to keep showing up empty handed. So far I have found 1 that seems decent.

The reason I am looking for an external solution, is that I don't want to deal with the hassle of setting up the RAID 5 on an internal card.

Does anyone have any experiences with a decent 8-bay RAID enclosure? If not maybe a 5-bay that works?
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  1. I have the 5x bay eBOX-R5 of DATOptic. Base on the look I think they combine 2x of my box(ebox-r5) in one.

    and I'd used more than 20's controllers that they use in the box that you're looking at

    One thing I love about it, there is no drivers - just plug in and in seconds, there is it
    I can create a raid5 less than a minute, not like other taking days
  2. They more than 8 bays, but I love the Dell MD1200s
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