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Hi, can anyone tell me how can I check whether the power supplier is working or not, rather than plugin it to the motherboard.... plz... :)
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  1. You can do a basic "power on" test by jumping the green " Power_On" pin on the 24 pin main connector with any of the black grounds on the same connector.
    I like to put a little load on the psu by connecting a fan or 2 before starting it.
    This won't tell you if it's working in spec or not.
  2. Then measure the main outputs:
    12 volt - yellow to ground (black wire)
    5 volt - red to ground
    3.3 volt - orange toground
    All should be +/- 5%
    Then check the gray wire. If the PSU is on, it should be at 5 volts.

    This is not foolproof because there is no load on the PSU, but if you cannot get these readings, the PSU is dead.
  3. Wow interesting, I checked jumping the green power pin to a black one, seems that the PSU fan is working, so does it mean there's no issue with my PSU??
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