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Does anyone know if the (Win 7 Pro 64) XP compatibility mode is supported by a processors (W/O VT support) like the Core 2 Quad Q8200 ??? - a friend read somewhere that it wouldn't - Anyone have an answer? Thanks!!
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    Windows XP Mode itself will not work if the host CPU does not have VT enabled, or does not have the feature at all. You can however extract the vhd file from the Windows XP Mode installer and load it into another virtualization product, such as VMware, or VirtualBox. The only difference is the lower level of integration with the host copy of Windows 7.
  2. Thanks, just got off Intel's site and found out my Quad core Q8200 & the 8200S do not have the "Intel® Virtualization Technology"
    I'll look into one of the other virtualization products - Thanks again!
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