Noob trying to overclock a 5830

I have a 5830 extreme video card. I want to overclock a little but have never done it. I downloaded trixx. Any advice on what I should do? Where to start? Is it dangerous for my computer? Are there safe ways to just tweak a little to get a little more out of my GPU. As I understand my video card was made for overclocking... Thanx in advance for help.
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    Overclocking is never 100% safe but it is not hard to do. If you are a beginner i would recommend using AMD's automatic overclocking software included with your drivers to start with, then when you are confident about overclocking use trixx and other overclocking software to manually overclock the card more. Just remember to test each overclock with furmark or another gpu stressful benchmark to ensure you don't get visual artifacts or instability.
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