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Oc'ing general questions

Last response: in Overclocking
November 22, 2011 4:07:46 PM

I was recently about to buy a 955 be and saw this other deneb chip which is a 925 rebadged to be the 830. Everything I know at this point is that the chips are identical aside from the base multiplier and the fact that their factory clock speeds are different. And the 830 comes with nothing on it.

My questions may come across as uninformed, but I've only started researching into how to oc around 2 hours. This website has been super useful. I am now confident in the process of overclocking, I just have a few questions regarding capabilities, and making sure I have everything properly in place to OC it.

Here they are:

I'm planning on using a corsair H80 to help cool the chip, but if I were to use the 212 would it make much of a difference in the stable clock I am able to achieve?

Am I correct to believe that an 830 deneb chip oc'd to 3.8 will perform identical to a 955 oc'd to 3.8?

Given that the multiplier for the 2.8ghz 830 is x14, and the 3.2ghz 955 is x16, will I encounter similiar power usage from them if they are both oc'd to 3.8 ghz?
If not, is the difference in my electric bill going to be noticable if I use it daily?

What exactly do I need to cool this cpu?

Basically the same question, but:

Do I need to attach to the 830 before I OC it? (nothing is too detailed with this answer. I have never added an aftermarket cpu cooler. I don't worry about the instructions covering a normal cpu, but this thing has NOTHING on it.)

I read that oc'ing can sometimes drop the speed of your ram, my mb is the msi 990fx or 990x (haven't decided)...

Will the oc'd 830 limit(or not limit) the speed of ram the same as an equally oc'd 955?

The last question requires a small disclaimer.

Money isn't really the issue, creating an 830/925 that runs identical to an oc'd 980 interests me.
Having said that, I am not interested in spending more money to oc an 830 than a 955.
Currently I can get the 830 for something like $80, and the 955-970 for $124-$129.

Is it easy enough that 50 dollars is even worth it?

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November 22, 2011 10:29:10 PM

1. no using the 212 (assuming it is a cooler) would not affect the maximum stable clock speed but would affect the max temperatures.
2. It should assuming that they are the same hardware wise (e.g. cache size). Also take note that the 955 has an unlocked multiplier but the 830 does not (i think)
3. The power usage will be very similar but it will change as you raise the voltage
4. all you will need is the h80 and possibly some thermal paste (like arctic silver 5)
5. yes you should have the cooler on the cpu before you overclock it (it should be attached at all times when the system is turned on)
6. I don't think overclocking lowers the speed of your ram (if anything it makes it faster as ram speeds are related to the fsb speed) but it is a good idea to lower the speeds of the ram to achieve a higher cpu overclock as you don't have to worry about memory instability.
7. The ram speeds should be the same for both processors at stock settings but after you overclock the speeds are decided by you.
8.if you buy the more expensive 955 you should have a better chance at overclocking as the reason the 830 is cheaper could be because it cannot achieve speeds higher than its stock settings or because it has a locked multiplier. So the extra $50 is worth it if you are interested in significant overclocking.